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Clever Ideas

For over 40 years our skilled volunteers and in-house therapists have delivered 30,000 pieces of affordable, specialised equipment across NSW.

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TAD changes lives of people living with a disability by providing personalised equipment, technology and services.

Real Stories


You’re young, fit and in the prime of life. Until one day at football practice, you’re doing a drill you’ve done a thousand times before. This time though, you slip and fall. 

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Unique Solutions

Could a piece of personalised equipment or technology help you to confidently and independently live your life?

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Computer Desk Modifications

What Paul required was somewhere to rest his elbows when he is using the keyboard and mouse, while still being able to get close enough to the keyboard and screen.

Shower Seat

Brendon hunted around for a bathroom aids supplier who could provide a replacement seat. He could not find anyone who would do something that was custom-built, so he approached TAD for assistance.

Travelling Bedrails

Winsome found her husband John’s bed rail awkward, for example when carrying it in a small hotel lift, and was sure there must be a way of folding it. Nicholai  had a similar problem - his wife wanted to be able to pack his bed rail into a suitcase for overseas travel.

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Adaptable Solutions

TAD understands children have changing needs and can grow quickly. We have a range of products designed to promote independence. Many of the designs are adjustable so they will grow along with your child.

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