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Clever Ideas

For over 40 years our skilled volunteers and in-house therapists have delivered 30,000 pieces of affordable, specialised equipment across NSW.

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TAD changes lives of people living with a disability by providing personalised equipment, technology and services.

Real Stories


You’re young, fit and in the prime of life. Until one day at football practice, you’re doing a drill you’ve done a thousand times before. This time though, you slip and fall. 

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Unique Solutions

Could a piece of personalised equipment or technology help you to confidently and independently live your life?

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Multi Accessible Boccia Ramp

TAD’s Hunter Volunteer Group has designed a custom project which allows Dorise a young lady with Cerebral Palsy, to play the game she loves, Boccia. Boccia is a precision ball sport similar to bowls, it’s designed to be played by athletes with a physical disability.

Accessible Dog Treat Dispenser

TAD volunteer John Clayton has come up with a clever solution to help people with limited body movement give food rewards to their assistance dogs. The treat dispenser was voted the Project of the Year by volunteers at the annual TAD conference.

Accessible Toys

Children with disabilities cannot always use conventional toys, and this makes them vulnerable to being excluded in play situations. TAD has been involved in an interesting project to create a resource of toys specially designed for use by children with additional needs.

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Adaptable Solutions

TAD understands children have changing needs and can grow quickly. We have a range of products designed to promote independence. Many of the designs are adjustable so they will grow along with your child.

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