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You’re young, fit and in the prime of life. Until one day at football practice, you’re doing a drill you’ve done a thousand times before. This time though, you slip and fall. 

Custom Mounts for Mark

This is what happened to Mark Tonga seven years ago. In an instant, Mark’s life was changed forever.  He was paralysed from the neck down.   Read more...

Pat’s Loom

I taught myself from a book and then I became a bit of a loom-aholic,” says Pat.  “I bought bigger and bigger looms until I got a computer controlled Dobby loom.” Read more...

Custom music stands

In her early twenties, she studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and was praised by teachers for her amazing ability to play tunes by ear. During her course Rose was given the news that she had Cone Rod Dystrophy, a progressive disease, which in basic terms, causes deterioration of eye sight. This put an end to her dream of becoming a music teacher because in the coming years it would become more difficult to read music. Read more...

Office modifications

“My feet were dangling and they swell when they’re not on a surface,” she said. She also has muscle spasms, particularly when she is tired. She tried commercially available footstools but they didn’t suit her – and she once cut her ankle when her foot was caught under the stool. Read more...

Hole Puncher

After she left school, it took Veryan quite a while to find work. She has diplegic cerebral palsy affecting her right side, which means she has difficulty with fine motor skills and tasks requiring two hands. Read more...

Chair Raising

Richard, an architect turned motel proprietor from Cowra, is able to walk but unable to get to his feet unaided. He needed an office chair which would raise him from a normal sitting position to a higher position, so that his legs were nearly straight and vertical and he could slide from the chair to his feet. Read more...

Computer Desk Modifications

Having C4/5 quadriplegia means it is difficult for Paul to get out of the house, particularly as it is hard to get wheelchair taxis near his home in Sydney’s west. His computer is therefore a vital tool for information, entertainment and communication with the outside world. Read more...

TAD acknowledges the traditional owners of country throughout Australia and recognises their continuing connection to land, waters and community. We pay our respects to them and their cultures and to elders past, present and emerging.